Pretty Girls Don’t Get Less Than A Hundred Likes On Their Selfie

Scattered Scripturient

I thought I was depressed because of social media.

I posted a picture of myself on Instagram and five minutes later, I deleted it, because nobody liked it. I thought I looked pretty in it. I genuinely loved the picture, but in a span of five minutes, I decided I didn’t like it anymore, because nobody else did.

Two weeks later I posted it again with a stronger filter and increased the brightness, and I got 57 likes, and I felt good again, but then an overwhelming feeling of disappointment washed over me. I liked the first picture better, so why didn’t I keep it up?

It’s because I define my worth by how many likes I get on a picture or a post, and the realization of that fact actually causes my stomach to flop.

We’re the generation of social media. We all have four core social media accounts…

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Just Saying

So, here it goes. My first blog post – ever. Not quite sure what my objectives for starting this blog are. I suppose there are a few reasons, aside from the fact that it seems to be an ongoing trend these days. Everyone and their mother is starting a blog. It’s the IT thing. I think one of the reasons blogging has become so popular is for the reason that it’s a creative outlet. An avenue for people to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on anything and everything. Granted, I do have a journal … and could easily jot these feelings down in my journal, rather than posting them for the broader population to read. However, I think one of the really neat things about blogging it that it can be a positive, open community for like-minded individuals to connect with one another.

I actually created this domain about a year ago, but just sat on the domain while life trotted on. One part shyness, one part feeling slightly overwhelmed by the process. In any case, here I am … blogging. To preface, I’m not exactly certain on the path this blog will take. So, to start, this will be a blank canvas! We’ll see where it migrates from there.

Blogging, ahoy!